Through a new series of short films, striking photography and stories from the soul of the game, Nike travels across Latin America documenting the influence the small sided game has on the development of football across the continent. Ahead of the 2015 Copa América, the journey is looking strong.

Much more than any sport or hobby, football forms a significant part of national identity in this part of the world. Football helps people learn how to express themselves, forge friendships and bond with their community.

Over the last century the region has molded some of the most awe-inspiring players and technically gifted teams that football has ever seen – with unparalleled consistency. In Latin America football begins with small-sided.

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In this four-part story series, professional players, aspiring talent, leading coaches and cultural figures all provide insights into the rich small-sided heritage in Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

Playing on crowded, confined pitches equips players with the ability to control and move the ball at speed, boosts confidence in possession and instills a sense for ruthless finishing. The best players from Latin America established their roots in small-sided.

The unique characteristics of the small-sided game, including specific insights from across Latin America, provided the inspiration for the recently launched NikeFootballX collection, which features remixed versions of Nike’s groundbreaking football boots, Magista and Mercurial.

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