New campaign celebrates the fearless attitude of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

'Dare to Zlatan' - it's a phrase Nike and Ibra have been playing with since he picked up the 2013 FIFA Puskas award and yesterday the campaign really took off, causing a huge stir across Twitter with three dramatic clips which show the Swedish hit-man like you've never seen him before. 

He's the biggest name not on his way to Brazil this summer, but that hasn't stopped Nike from having some fun with their super Swede. The 'Dare to Zlatan' campaign celebrates the fearless attitude of one of the world’s most iconic players with three mini-films that celebrate his daring attitude - in which we see Ibrahimovic put his risk-taking to the test.

The first in Nike's series of extreme videos is titled, 'Dare To Zlatan - Get Better With Pressure'. To test his focus, Nike throw the Swede into 'one of the most extreme and pressurized environments imaginable', a volcanic lava-spewing landscape.

Next up is 'Fear Nothing' where Ibrahimovic finds himself in the middle of a snowy barren landscape, standing in front of a giant white tiger - the ultimate fearsome opponent. Lastly in 'Trust Your Instincts' Ibrahimovic takes on one of nature's most fierce and relentless opponents: a desert electrical storm. Naturally, he emerges victorious.

Ibra also took to Twitter for a Q&A worth of an award itself. The result was a series of brilliant responses to questions such as, 'Is Zlatan human?' The response? 'Zlatan is just a human. The same way a great white shark is just a fish.' Questioned if there was anything Zlatan couldn't do, his response was - 'There are two things Zlatan cannot do. One is be predictable. The other is a step-under. But Zlatan is practicing.'

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