Who dares to Zlatan? With Ibrahimovic's current deal with Nike expiring it's time for the PSG striker to weigh up his options for his next move.

Zlatan has been wearing a blacked-out version of the Tiempo Legend V since he cut his ties with Nike after 8 years earlier this month but what now for the one of football's biggest personalities? We've had confirmation that Zlatan is now allowed to talk to other brands and there's no doubt that his agent's phone has been rather busy over the past week, but the decision to sign whoevers dotted line will be down to the man himself.

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It would be too early to rule out a return to Nike as the details behind the split have yet to be revealed. If it's a money issue, and let's face it, it normally is, then the two parties may still resolve their differences and continue their relationship, Zlatan will go back to Mercurial and everything will carry on as normal. The fact that Ibra has chosen to black out his boots suggests things may not be that simple; he's alerted other brands to his availability and is ready to be lured away from the Swoosh.

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So who are the contenders? Obviously adidas have to be considered, they could certainly afford the big man but is he too 'Nike' to take a punt on? He's spent the majority of his senior career with Nike and is hugely associated with the brand. Would adidas want sloppy seconds? They had the chance to sign him in 2002/03 when he was wearing the Copa Mundial for Ajax. Players past their best often drop down a couple of leagues to see out their playing days, chances are adidas won't want that theory applying to them.

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The early favourites? PUMA. Ibra fits the bill for their recent "Calling All Troublemakers" campaign that featured the rebellious personalities of Usain Bolt, Rickie Fowler and Mario Balotelli. PUMA love a bit of attitude and Ibrahimovic would be the perfect signing to bolster their evoSPEED line up of front men.

The dark horse emerging for 2015 is Warrior, soon to be re-labelled as parent company New Balance. They've got a hefty war-chest ready to open and have already believed to have secured the services of Aaron Ramsey, Samir Nasri & Adnan Januzaj. It's a four-horse race for us.

Which brand do you think Zlatan will sign for? Let us know. Drop us a line in the comments.

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