Bespoke performance cycle clothing producers, Milltag have teamed up with West Ham United for a collection that seamlessly crosses categories, allowing Hammers’ fans to show off their support when in the saddle.

We all love football, but that doesn’t mean that our interests are limited to just that. You may enjoy a spot of crochet, cooking, or even reading a really good book. More often than not though, our other interests tend to centre around other sports, and cycling is right up there, also acting as a functional, environmentally friendly mode of transportation, whilst also getting the old heart rate up. It’s an activity that has found more and more participants over the last 12 months, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to still show off your support for your team. That’s where bespoke performance cycle clothing producers Milltag have got your back. At least if you support West Ham, that is.

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Milltag was started in 2010 as a response to not being able to find any cycling jerseys that weren’t boring, generic and uninspiring. And they have now presented their first collection with West Ham United Football Club. When designing the collection they took inspiration from the classic Hammers away kits of the 60s and 70s – recreated for this season’s away look – after all, you will be wearing these colours on the road rather than at home. There's also the obvious link between those bands around the chest that are so synonymous with cycling. The crossed hammers of the club's crest then appear as a sublimated graphic throughout the body, while it stands out more in claret on the rear pockets.  

The cycling shirt is available in men’s and women’s, and rounding out the collection is a cycling cap and a snood, all adorned with West Ham’s crest. All in all, it’ll help ensure you’re blowing bubbles on your next ascent!

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