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West Ham 2016/17 Away by Umbro

A tailored shirt by Umbro that leads the line in commemorating West Ham United's landmark move into the London Olympic Stadium from the 2016/17 season, it's the first that carries a re-branded club badge.

With plenty of memorable pockets of detail, the 2016/17 West Ham away shirt by Umbro carries on where 2015/16 left off. A sharp finish that has snippets of claret and blue throughout, the most notable introduction is that of the re-invented club badge. Propping that underneath is an ode to fresh beginnings as the words 'Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 2016-17' salute the start of what promises to be an intriguing future for the club and fans alike.

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Other sharp aesthetic details include the co-ordinates that warm the neckline. Something Umbro have done across other kits, it gives a point of reference and nod to the new home of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Similarly, the Union Flag is pride of place on each sleeve, saluting the Olympic games that leaves a lasting legacy on London.

A line in the sand that marks the West Ham United as a true club of the United Kingdom, it's a kit that celebrates their rich history. Inspired by shirts gone by, design references have been taken from the kits donned in both 1986 and 1990.


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