With one eye on complimenting the club’s unique North American retail expansion, Paris Saint Germain and NY/Italy based boutique creative studio Fly Nowhere announce the launch of an initiative to develop special projects and collaboration merchandise.

For ten years now, PSG has adopted a unique brand approach developing an original lifestyle positioning that has led them to become an icon of the contemporary sports world. This has been most obvious through their exclusive association with Jordan, but they’ve also always been keen to explore other avenues on top of that. The club’s international tours have revealed opportunities to create strong ties with fan culture and collaboration with resident artists and partner-brands in new territories.

Famed for blurring the lines where football meets fashion while wonderfully stepping all over the toes of the conventional game, the artist-owned production and publishing house that is Fly Nowhere have established themselves as brave adventurers in the design space, prepared to take things in unorthodox directions, which often leads to some outstanding output. A prime example of this and probably some of their best and most commercial work to date came in the form of this season’s quartet of Venezia shirts – rightly lauded as some of the best kit designs of the season. The new initiative with PSG is likely to yield some very exciting pieces in the future, and it could well open the door to the creative studio becoming involved in the French side’s kit design in the future – a very exciting proposition.

Paris St Germain is an iconic brand that transcends football,” said Mark Lowyns, representative for Fly Nowhere. “It has the potential to be the biggest sports club in the world. Although they are massive in scale, they are dedicated to developing intimate partnerships with regional football subculture as they share Parisian style across the globe. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with such a great club.

Watch this space to see the fruits of this new partnership.