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adidas FANATIC 2016 New York: The Kits

Who wouldn't want the opportunity to go to town in creating their own kits? The adidas FANATIC tournament gives those with a flavour for a cultured kit the opportunity to do just that.

We took a look at some of those shirted numbers that took to the pitch at Pier 5 over the weekend as New York hosted the latest instalment of adidas FANATIC 2016. From glorious stripes to heavenly type, some teams like to run riot, others like to play it cool. Often less is more but moreover big can equally be better. Either way, there's plenty of goodness on show.

Some description

A party on the pitch that spills out into the stands, DIY culture and football is a beautiful wave that swells through an under-current of creativity. Pushing the boundaries with fresh thinking all day long, you can see more about the 2016 adidas FANATIC New York tournament here.

Photography by Edward Grams.


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