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adidas X15.1 Design Sketches

Giving an insight into the process of designing the X15.1 boot adidas have unveiled early sketches of many different concepts as they embarked on an adventure of re-designing and revolutionising the brand's football footwear collection.

The challenge with the X15 was to create a boot that can enable a player to move instinctively and intuitively; that was the brief for the adidas Design Team and Marco Muller who explained, "We knew from a very early stage that we would be include TechFit in the design. Having used the technology in football apparel for over half a decade, we learnt a lot about compression in the foot through prototypes and limited run designs.

The adidas X15.1 sketches show how the Innovation Team began toying with the idea of adding different levels of TechFit and the overall appearance of the new-generation boot. We caught up with Marco in Berlin ahead of the Champions League Final where he explained further his role int he production of X15.1.

Take a closer look at the adidas X15.1 boot here and let us know your thoughts.


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