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adidas MESSI15 Design Sketches

The final piece in the adidas Revolution jigsaw was the MESS15 boot, designed for a player that has both the control and chaos characteristics of the ACE and X boot. Giving in an insight of how they made the perfect tools for the world's greatest player adidas have revealed their early design sketches.

Every aspect of the MESSI15 boot is built around Leo Messi’s playing style, from the studs up. Designed with Messi's attributes as the focus of the plan adidas set about creating a football boot that compliments the Argentinean's game. The GAMBETRAX traction system took inspiration from tweaks Messi requested for his footwear over the last few seasons, but also creates the perfect stud system to amplify Leo’s ‘Gambetta’ style of dribbling.

The initial sketches show the development of an external lacing cage that would become the messiFRAME. Development ranged from a ‘web’ style of support to hooks and loops, but the theme of an external frame remained through the entire development cycle based on Leo’s specifications.

Take a closer look at the adidas MESSI15 here and let us know your thoughts below.


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