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adidas 'Predator Zones Beast' GK Gloves

For the final set of Champions League group games adidas have launched the 'Beast Pack' - a concoction of bright and dark coloured Predator Zones Pro goalkeeper gloves.

The trio of gloves each feature a graphic design with a pair of beastly looking monster eyes on the back of the hand. In football, we often hear the saying “The striker has given the keeper the eyes” - now it's the other way round. Manuel Neuer, Iker Casillas and Petr Čech are the three chosen keepers to represent the 'Predator Zones Beast' gloves in this week's Champions League fixtures. Strikers beware...

Three sets of gloves will be released, representing some of the toughest beasts in nature: Snake; Gorilla & Lion. The eye of each animal plays a key part in the imposing design of the glove; designed to intimidate opponents.

The adidas Predator Zones Beast Gloves will be available from selected online stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer. Thoughts? Drop 'em below.


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