Football companies spend millions on player endorsements, getting their logos on the feet of the world’s best. For TruSox though, their value lies in a slightly different area of retail space. The American brand are standing on the shoulders of giants and it’s working very well.

After bursting onto the scene at the beginning of the 2012/13 season, this is the company's first international tournament as an established football brand. With adidas, Nike and PUMA doing everything they can to maximise their boot exposure in Brazil, TRUSOX have cunningly positioned themselves in the eye of every pitch-side camera without opening the chequebook.

TRUSOX haven't handed out ridiculous pay cheques to players to wear their product. Instead they’ve relied on player recommendation and word-of-mouth. Luis Suarez remains the company’s only contracted player after signing with the brand in May 2014. Deliveries arrive at training ground across Europe and players decide for themselves what to do with them.

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The TRUSOX concept is simple. If you want to change direction faster you have to maximise power transfer. In order to do that, you must stop your foot from moving within your boot. TRUSOX lock the foot in the shoe using non-slip pads on the outside and inside of the sock which stops your foot from sliding in your boot.

Getting your product on the feet of some of the world’s best is one thing, making it stand on on the world stage is another. While the likes of Nike, adidas and PUMA spend millions getting their boots noticed, TRUSOX are enjoying the World Cup limelight endorsement-free (virtually). Brand exposure comes from the square pattern design on the upper heel area of the sock, that thanks to the methods of wearing the product, is always on display. To wear a pair of TRUSOX players must cut the foot from their team sock, turning it into a leg sleeve and leaving the TRUSOX pattern on show. Clever.

In space of just a couple of seasons, TRUSOX are now appearing in almost every game. At the 2014 World Cup the player uptake makes for impressive reading; Luis Suarez, Robin Van Persie, Arjen Robben, Clint Dempsey, Jermaine Jones, Mauricio Pinilla, Mile Jedinak, Hector Moreno, Oribe Peralta and Marcelo make up just a part of a list of players wearing TRUSOX. When you consider the sheer amount of players that are wearing them, it’s a sure sign that TRUSOX must be doing something right.

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