Dropping in as Nike's top end shin pad is the Mercurial Blade Hinge. Created for elite performance and offering a custom fit with premium protection.

The Nike Mercurial Blade Hinge Shin Guards are the very best shin pads that carry a Swoosh, which means they also carry a rather hefty price tag, around £80.00 to be precise. We're not going to sit here and justify whether it's worth spending that much on a pair of shinnies, that's for you to decide, but we'll have a crack at telling you what they offer.

The Nike Mercurial Blade Hinge Shin Guards are developed with hinge technology down the centre of the carbon fibre shell, this allows the guard to wrap around the shin for comfortable protection. Inside the pad is Poron XRD foam that moulds to your leg for a customised fit. If money was no object you'd get a pair, they're the best Nike have to offer and they'll last a few seasons, but it's difficult to say if you'd actually notice much difference from a cheaper pair when you're playing. Still, they put the ones you've had in your kit bag for ten years to shame don't they?

The Nike Mercurial Blade Hinge Shin Guards are available at selected online stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer. Let us know what you think below.