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Nike Launch The Mercurial Flylite Superlock Shin Guards

Nike are tackling one of football's most necessary evils by re-designing the shin guard to eliminate the distraction it often brings. The new Mercurial Flylite Superlock shin pad is the latest product from the Nike 2018 innovation storm, and say goodbye to tape.

It's not the most exciting subject, but in our book shin pads are simple; if you can't notice them, then it's job done. The technology behind achieving that is a little more complex, as Nike have found with the new Mercurial Flylite Superlock drop.


The new shin guards feature small spikes on top of the face of the guard that safely pierce the sock, locking it into place. The entire surface area of the guard is covered with these safe, lightweight spikes for an aggressive look and precision placement, no strap or sleeve needed. Maybe it is simple after all. If it avoids that mad dash for tape at 2:55pm then we're all ears. 


The Nike Mercurial Flylite SuperLock shin guards will be available in Autumn 2018.


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