Nike & Arturo Vidal unveil the official match-ball of the 2015 Copa América - the Nike Cachaña Ordem II.

On Sunday 14th November, the official match-ball of the 2015 Copa América was unveiled inside the national stadium of Chile, with Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal revealing the new Nike Cachaña Ordem II. Cation refers to the unique playing style that the Chilean national team is based on, where fast movements are used to get passed opponents. The Nike Cachaña Ordem II takes inspiration from Chile’s history, with a unique visual design imprinted on the ball. The colours of the Chilean national flag are decorated across, along with street art graphics inspired from the streets of Chile’s capital, Santiago. The ball is based on the Nike Ordem II construction, which is used across all major European leagues. The Copa América is always a tournament worth watching, and hosts Chile will be doing their up most to claim the crown of being South America’s no.1 team.

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