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adidas & MLS Unveil Official Match Ball For 2024 Season

Gearing up to go again, adidas and Major League Soccer have unveiled the official match ball for the 2024 season, which features a design inspired by the 30th anniversary of the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

1994 saw the football’s collective attention turn to the United States for the World Cup, whilst it also signalled the birth of Major League Soccer. So as we prepare to enter 2024 and what will be the 30th anniversary of both the prestigious international tournament and the nations current top tier of club football, adidas reveal the latest official match ball for the MLS.

mls 4-min.jpg
mls 3-min.jpg

The ball’s design channels vibrant 90s-inspired colours for the upcoming season, ripped straight out of the era that gave us bold, baggy and brash. “Roll back the clock and celebrate the year that birthed MLS – a time full of iconic jerseys, denim on denim and neon.” – Major League Soccer.

Tech-wise, the ball is the same as the Al Rihla ball used at the 2022 World Cup, but it has been spruced up with this new visual design.

mls 2-min.jpg
mls 5-min.jpg
mls 6-min.jpg

Head to to shop the 2024 MLS official match ball.

Daniel Jones

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