With the preliminary play-off round of the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup set to get underway today, adidas have unveiled the official match ball for the tournament. Known as the ‘Tsubasa’, the colourful design takes inspiration from the popular ‘Captain Tsubasa’ Japanese Manga anime series.

Following the arrival of the Euro 2020 ‘Uniforia’ official match ball and the Copa America 2020 official match ball, both of which don’t get underway for at least another six months, adidas have launched the ‘Tsubasa’, official match ball for the FIFA Club World Cup, which starts… oh, only today.

tsubasa 1-min.jpg

Set to be hosted in Qatar, the Club World Cup will see the best teams from each continent going head to head in a mini tournament which should – theoretically – determine the best team in the world. And for the occasion, adidas have produced the ‘Tsubasa’ official match ball, drawing inspiration for the design from the famous Manga series, which itself inspired so many youngsters on to pursuing success on the football pitch.

The design sees blue, black and orange anime-style graphics exploding across the white canvas. Technology-wise, the ball is the same as the one adidas used in last year’s World Cup and that has been used for the ‘Uniforia’ and the new MLS ball, the 'Nativo XXV'.

No official word on when the adidas 'Tsubasa' 2019 Club World Cup ball will be available for retail, but being as the tournament starts... well, today, it must be anytime now.