The UEFA Nations League got underway this week, and with it came the new Official Match Ball for the competition. The design is in part inspired by the official UEFA Nations League logo, while the colours borrow from the flags of Europe.

Yes, the competition that no one really understands and that no one really cares about (unless you’re in with a chance of winning it, see England 2019) is back! The UEFA Nations League involves the national teams of the 55 member associations of UEFA, and this year’s competition will be held from September to November 2020. And in the opening fixtures this week in which we saw Spain steal a point late on from Germany and Wales beating Finland, we also got to see the new official match ball for the tournament in action.

nl ball 2-min.jpg

The design of the new ball borrows its kaleidoscopic look from the flags of Europe, interlinking colours from a ribbon that wraps the football to give it its distinctive look. Tech-wise this is the same model that we’ve seen in action since the 2018 World Cup and that we most recently saw on the Euro 2020 ‘Uniforia’ match ball, offering the same high-performance structure and panel construction. 

nl ball 3-min.jpg
nl ball 4-min.jpg
nl ball 6-min.jpg
nl ball 5-min.jpg

The 2020 UEFA Nations League Ball is available at