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Skechers Launch The 'Evolution Pack'

Ready for the business end of the summer international tournaments, Skechers drop the ‘Evolution Pack’, with vibrant new looks for the SKX_01 and Razor.

With both Euro 2024 and Copa America gearing up for the quarter final stages, Skechers deemed it an appropriate time to offer a colour upgrade for their roster, with both the SKX_01 and Razor suiting up in fluorescent yellow and black coats that are sure to catch the eye. Harry Kane, Skechers’ main man, will make the switch into the ‘Evolution Pack’ colourway for England’s quarter final clash with Switzerland on Saturday evening.

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With some recent Skechers releases, such as the ‘Laser Comfort’ pack, it has been a bit difficult to tell the SKX_01 and Razor apart, especially from a distance, but there’s no such problems here. The SKX_01, Kane’s boot of choice, comes with that volt yellow as the dominant colour, wrapping the entire upper. It’s only interrupted by a cracked effect silver graphic that spreads from the forefoot back, stopping just shy of the heel. The ’S’ branding then appears in a contrasting black, bordered by red.

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No tech upgrades, so you still get that seamless fusion of high-quality knit and skin materials in the upper; the knit adapts to the foot's shape, offering a personalised fit and excellent breathability, while the strategically placed skin panels add durability and protection where it's needed most. But what’s most noticeable is the unique combination of micro and macro textures that are positioned on the upper, strategically placed to optimise ball control and touch; the micro-textured zones provide a delicate grip for precise dribbling and passing, while the macro-textured areas offer extra grip and power for shooting and striking the ball. It’s a stark contrast to the smoothness of the Razor’s upper, which is constructed from FitKnit: a combination of knitted back quarter, which offers dynamic support and breathability, and a premium leather-like synthetic  in the forefoot, to provide exceptional feel on the ball.

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The Razor then sees more of a split between the Volt yellow and black, with the former covering the forefoot and the latter the heel, with the two mingling through a scattered graphic treatment. The ’S’ branding is then presented in a standout silver.

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As the speed silo in Skechers’ lineup, the Razor sits on a lightweight, carbon-infused soleplate, which provides a propulsive platform for the speedsters of the game. Sitting above the soleplate, the adaptive Hyper Burst Pro sockliner moulds to the shape of your foot, offering great levels of comfort. The FitKnit upper keeps things simple for superior speed. The knitted back quarter offers dynamic support and breathability, while at the front, a premium leather-like synthetic gives you exceptional feel on the ball.

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