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adidas Reveal The 'Dark Spark Pack'

Arriving as the traditional blackout option for the coming season, Adidas have dropped the ‘Dark Spark’ pack, offering up the F50, Predator 24 and COPA Pure 2 in silky suits of darkness.

We all know the drill by now: alongside the regular in-line launches for the season, there will also be blackout and whiteout options for those that favour a cleaner, less “showy” aesthetic for their game. These packs are usually reserved for the lower levels of the game, away from the professional side of things where players are paid to play in whatever they’re given and where choice reigns supreme. Ahead of the 24/25 season, adidas offer up the ‘Dark Spark’ pack for this purpose, bringing the returning F50 together with the Predator 24 and the COPA Pure 2.

Dark Spark 11 Min
Dark Spark 13 Min

For the first time since the F50 returned recently, arriving as part of the Advancement Pack, it gets dressed out in a suit of stealth. Or more accurately, it gets dressed out in a “Core Black/Iron Met/Gold Metallic” colourway, but you get the gist. It’s a sleek look, as you’d expect from the speed silo, with the subtle gold accents ramping up the seductive vibes of the boot.

Tech-wise, it features Sprintframe 360, a specifically designed soleplate built to provide optimised stability and traction. The heel counter on the soleplate works harmoniously with a stud configuration of rounded and bladed studs for foot steadiness at push-off – all working in tandem to help facilitate multidirectional speed and acceleration.

The laced version features a compression-fit tunnel tongue – an adaptable tongue configuration featuring strategically placed reinforcements to provide additional stability for the foot and create an enhanced fit and lockdown in the forefoot and midfoot. While the laceless model incorporates a collar made from Primeknit material which molds to the shape of the wearer’s foot, for maximum comfort. 

Dark Spark 12 Min
Dark Spark 10 Min

Moving on from the F50, and the Predator 24 once again goes for the blackout look, following on from the drop back in February. It’s a great look for the nostalgia-heavy boot, which is once again available with or without the iconic fold-over tongue. Unlike that last blackout look though, like the F50, the look is elevated further by the presence of gold accents, with the official colourway being “Core Black/Carbon/Gold Metallic”

Dark Spark 5 Min
Dark Spark 3 Min
Dark Spark 4 Min
Dark Spark 2 Min

Completing the ‘Dark Spark’ pack is the COPA Pure 2, which always looks great in a black out look, with the sumptuousness of the cushioned vamp being promoted all the more. Like the Predator, the official colourway is “Core Black/Carbon/Gold Metallic”, with the gold playing a really subtle supporting role on the branding. A really strong look for the control boot.

Dark Spark 6 Min
Dark Spark 8 Min
Dark Spark 9 Min
Dark Spark 7 Min

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