Celebrating one of the main things that has allowed the Tiempo to stand out amongst the competition for so long, outlasting the majority of its competition, Nike launch the Tiempo Legend X ‘Golden Touch’.

Few boots in the world can boast the longevity of the Nike Tiempo, especially at the top level of the game. It stands alone as Nike’s longest lasting silo, Ahead of the Mercurial, evolving over the years to ensure that it stays relevant and stands up to the rigours of the modern game as its development continually accelerates. Through the years the Tiempo has had an affinity for gold, having been coated in the premium colour for several special releases over the years, but most notable amongst them all was Ronaldinho’s Tiempo Legend 1 ‘Touch of Gold’.

touch of gold 7.jpg
touch of gold 2.jpg

So it’s here that Nike are nodding as they queue the Razorlight track and transform the ‘Touch of Gold’ into the ‘Golden Touch’, presenting the Tiempo Legend X (or 10 if you’re not into your Roman Numerals) in a sublimation execution that isn’t executable on K-leather, where the base colour gold fades into black at heel. In case you didn’t know, the main talking point with the new Tiempo X is that it's the first to feature Nike’s latest material innovation, FlyTouch Plus. A proprietary synthetic leather, FlyTouch Plus is soft, light, and strong, giving athletes extra ball control where they need it most, while it also helps make the Tiempo Legend 10 the lightest Tiempo to date, as well as 55 percent less water-retentive than previous versions.

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The official colourway of “Mtlc Gold Silk/Mtlc Gold Coin/Black” doesn’t mention either orange or blue, both of which feature in cameo appearances: the orange – or "Blaze Orange" to be exact – as a tab on the collar that goes back to the iconic Tiempo Legend IV, and the blue through the shimmering soleplate as it transitions from heel to forefoot. The Swoosh shines in gold, while the X roman numeral features on the heel to represent Tiempo 10 whilst it also pays homage to the iconic #10’s to have worn the boot, like Totti and Ronaldinho.

Expect to see the Tiempo Legend X ‘Golden Touch’ making an appearance at the Women’s World Cup from the quarter finals stage, while they’ll also make an appearance in the top flight of European football as we return to action this weekend and beyond.

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The Nike Tiempo Legend X 'Golden Touch' will be available from 14 August at prodirectsport.com. Find out how to buy here.