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New Balance Reveal Signature Furon 'Seven' Edition For Bukayo Saka

Paying tribute to his affinity with the number 7, New Balance have provided Bukayo Saka with his latest signature edition Furon v7, aptly titled the ‘Seven Edition’.

Hot on the heels of his last special edition treatment, gifted to him last week in honour of his PFA Young Player of the Year award and debuted in the win over Everton on the weekend, Bukayo Saka now has another signature style courtesy of New Balance, and this one acknowledges the Arsenal forward’s connection with the number 7.

saka 7-min.jpg
saka 5-min.jpg

Saka has a special connection with the number 7: The saying "seventh heaven" literally translates to Extreme Joy - Saka's first name Bukayo was given to him by his grandmother and means "adds to joy”. Bit tenuous? OK. Saka was born on 5th September, September deriving from the late English/Latin Septem, aka seven, (originally the seventh month in the old Roman calendar). Still not having it? Fine. Saka joined Arsenals academy at seven years old. His debut came in the number 87, and he was given 77 the following season before being given the number seven by Arteta when he was just 18. Saka wears his faith on his sleeve as a devout Christian and the number seven represents perfection or completeness in the bible. Add all that to the fact that this is the seventh edition of the Furon and you have the perfect storm that is the Furon v7 ‘Seven Edition’.

saka 2-min.jpg
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The boot arrives with a white base with red accents throughout, particularly noticeable on the graphic overlay that features callouts to Saka such as the words “Hope” and “Love Always Wins”, as well as a number of other special symbols, not least of which is the number 7. & also features in an enlarged execution on the soleplate, while Saka’s signature logo signs off the design on the heel.

saka 6-min.jpg
saka 4-min.jpg

Pick up the New Balance Furon v7 'Seven Edition' at

Daniel Jones

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