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Bukayo Saka Gets New Signature Furon v7 From New Balance

Following his impressive displays in Qatar, New Balance has today provided Bukayo Saka with a new signature edition Furon v7 – the first under his name to be available for a wider release. Saka, who has worked closely with New Balance to design the boots, will wear them in upcoming fixtures.

Having officially signed for New Balance back in March 2021, the brand honoured the player and his continual improvements with two pairs of custom boots in March 2022. But these were two unique pairs and were not available for retail. Now though, the Arsenal man gets his very own signature edition Furon v7 – and yes, this time it’s available to buy, and it comes with a design that recognises his ties to West London. 

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Hailing from Ealing, England’s young lion was nominated for the freedom of the Borough after a series of dazzling displays on the European stage last summer. 

Saka’s Furon v7 Signature Edition in vibrant red, is a tribute to the area he grew up and how that has helped shape the person he is today. Taking inspiration from the Ealing coat of arms, a decorative baroque oak leaf print is applied across the upper with the words ‘Progress’ and ‘Unity’ featured alongside in striking silver hue. The insole is completed with a unique key to the city graphic motif to celebrate the connection between Bukayo and the West London borough. 

Saka said: “I am so proud to have grown up in Ealing. Everyone from West knows what it means to represent our side of London, it’s a special feeling. It feels unreal to have a boot that so many people will be able to relate to, it truly is a dream come true.” 

Andrew McGarty, New Balance Head of Global Football Sports Marketing said: “When we partner with an athlete it’s really important for us to be able to show an important piece of who they are off the pitch. When we signed Bukayo we worked with his family to be a part of the campaign and this boot further honours his extended family from West London and the support they have always had for him. 

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Pick up the New Balance Furon v7 'Bukayo Saka' will be available at from 19 January. 

Daniel Jones

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