Kicking off a new generation of speed for the brand, Mizuno have lifted the veil on a brand new silo: The Alpha. The result of Mizuno’s world-famous Japanese innovation, it comes loaded with tech features, and yet in a light weight package weighing in at just 195g.

Mizuno’s legacy in the game is well and truly secured, with heritage boots like the Morelia acting as a testament to their enduring quality and craftsmanship. Recently, the brand has been pairing up the iconic and classic Morelia Il alongside the progressive Morelia Neo III ß, perfectly balancing the connection between heritage  and innovation that’s so intrinsic to Mizuno. Now though, the focus is firmly on the future, with the launch of a brand new silo named the ‘Alpha’ – a lightweight speed boot that harnesses the brand’s inclination for research and pursuit of advancement.

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The Alpha arrives as a straight-up lightweight speed boot, weighing in at a mere 195g. But it’s not just the light weight of the boot that makes it fast. Mizuno Enerzy foam (no, it’s not a typo) has been included to provide enhanced cushioning and energy return, while the Engineered Fit woven construction offers a perfect fit. It’s a step away from the traditional leather that Mizuno are so synonymous with, being totally synthetic, but it provides a nice contrasting option to the Neo, which still features leather in its progressive design.

It’s a fast step in the direction of performance for Mizuno, and when it comes to the Japanese craft masters, you know that no stone will have been left unturned in the design.

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