Maturing both visually and technologically, Mizuno launch a second-generation edition of the Basara silo 18 months after introducing the synthetic speed boot to their armoury.

The first-generation Basara didn't quite make the impact on-pitch that Mizuno were hoping for, but what it did bring was a sense of versatility to the brand and the foundations to build. Mizuno are renown for their premium quality leather football boots so the Basara was seen by many as the hyperactive vandal that arrived uninvited to the Mizuno tea-party but the market is wide nowadays, different genres are being created and the Basara was Mizuno's route to get experimental.

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Using the same ultra-lightweight, soft and supple Primeskin and the same overall concept of achieving fast paced multi-directional play the Basara 101 introduces a change in material to the rear of the boot by the name of 'R-Fiber Control' that incorporates a 'taco-shell' esque tongue for a secure foot hold. Weighing in at 200g the Basara 101 won't be the lightest speed boot you'll ever wear but most speed boots are built for straight line running, the Basara focuses on changing direction at full speed - a more complicated process which is accomplished by the 'D-Flex groove on the soleplate.

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