Few players in the history of the game can pull off golden boots, but Zinedine Zidane was certainly one of them. For his last dance in 2006, adidas provided him with a golden Predator Absolute, and now, ahead of this winter’s World Cup, the German brand are bringing it back…

2006, Germany. The biggest platform, the brightest stars, and shining among them was a golden Predator Absolute, glimmering on the feet of one of the best the game has ever seen. Although it may not have ended the way it should have, the image of Zinedine Zidane dancing on the pitch in his gold Predator Absolutes, orchestrating proceedings for a new generation of French football, will always be an iconic one.

gold pred 12-min.jpg
gold pred 13-min.jpg

So adidas reintroduce the iconic gold Predator Absolutes last seen at the 2006 FIFA World Cup in a limited edition. The boot includes a fold-over tongue and curved SL rubber elements on what is an exact recreation of the OG upper, while underneath, the outsole  is the same as the one used for the modern adidas Predator Edge, bringing a modern fit and performance.

Of course, this is not the first time adidas have rereleased the Predator Absolute, having dropped it in a classy white and black look back in 2020 as part of the 'Eternal Class' pack. It's not even the first time adidas have rereleased a golden Predator made famous on the feet of Zinedine Zidane, with the '25 Years of Predator' Accelerator released back in 2019. But this one just feels a little bit special. Perhaps it's because it's the last one Zidane ever wore in a professional game; or perhaps it's because adidas never released it for retail 16 years ago. Or maybe it's just that it's possibly one of the best golden football boots of all time. Either way, these will not be hanging around.

gold pred 6-min.jpg
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