Celebrating the journey to stardom and the sacrifices he and his family had to make along the way, New Balance have provided Raheem Sterling with his latest signature edition boot, the Furon 7 ‘Route to Success’.

Raheem Sterling used to have to take three buses across London (From Wembley to Heathrow) with his sister to get to training at QPR five times a week. It was a huge sacrifice on both his and his sister’s part, and without it, it’s very unlikely that the Chelsea forward would be where he is today in the footballing world. To honour that journey and commitment, New Balance have provided Sterling with his latest signature edition Furon 7, dubbed ‘Route to Success’.

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Since Sterling officially signed with New Balance back in May 2021, the brand have been quick to dish out three signature edition boots and one special edition, celebrating his 100 Premier League goals. Now he gets his fourth, which arrives with a design that will be very reminiscent for some. “The red double deckers with the blue wool 80s vibe on thee seats. Spent ages on those,” Sterling explained.

My sister would have to take me all the way out to Heathrow to attend the training sessions.” He went on. “Three buses. The 18 to the 182 to the 140. We’d leave at 3.15 and get home at 11pm. Every. Single. Day. She’d sit upstairs in the little café and chill until I was done with training. Imagine being 17 years old and doing that for your little brother. And I never once heard her say, 'Nah I don’t wanna take him.' At the time I didn’t understand how much she was sacrificing, her and my mum got me here. My whole family played a massive part in my life. Without them, you wouldn’t even know me.”

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So the Furon 7 is decked out in a pattern that’s reminiscent of the seats on London buses. The soleplate is adorned with references to the three bus routes. His sister’s name, Lakima, also appears in recognition of her sacrifices. The wording ‘Route to Success’ appears in the lacing.

Having already been seen training in the boots, Sterling wore them in Chelsea’s 2-1 win over Crystal Palace and will continue to wear them in upcoming fixtures.

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The New Balance Furon 7 'Route to Success' will be available soon at prodirectsoccer.com