New Balance switch focus to one of their star athletes, rolling out what is a first signature collection for Raheem Sterling. Inspired by growing up in the shadow of Wembley Stadium, the collection features a signature Furon v6+ alongside lifestyle footwear and an assortment of apparel.

Following on from the launch of the ‘Tri Aura’ pack, New Balance once again turn attention to the premium treatment that its been showing to individual members of its roster this season, and next up is a first-ever collection drop for Raheem Sterling, co-designed with the England forward. The ‘Shadow of my Dreams’ collection celebrates Sterling’s inspiring path to success, picking up from his last signature boot which explored his Jamaican roots to tell the story of where he grew up, in the shadow of Wembley Stadium, dreaming of one day playing on the illustrious pitch.

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The collection features a striking black and red colour palette throughout and is centred around a limited edition Furon v6+ football boot and custom 327 trainers for options both on and off the pitch. Etched on the inner sole are the words ‘You are the creator of your own success’ as a tribute to those who dare to dream. Matching apparel items are also included for a full fit. 

Sterling is set to wear the Furon v6+ boots on pitch from this week, in City’s match against Newcastle.  

Speaking on the release he said: “For my debut New Balance collection, I really wanted to celebrate where my football journey began and demonstrate that even being born into the most difficult of circumstances cannot stop your rise to achieving the biggest of dreams. As a child I visualised representing England on the pitch of Wembley, one of world sport’s most iconic stadiums, and look at me today. Brent has risen from the shadows. I never stopped believing in myself. I want young people to find pride in their beginnings and reach for the stars too. 

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Luc Fusaro, Senior Creative Design Manager for Global Football at New Balance said of the Collection: “Raheem’s personal journey to become who he is today is not only one of the most fascinating in the world of football, but also extremely important to him. It is an incredible opportunity as a designer to be able to work with him to bring his story to life for his first signature collection for the brand, giving our product a much deeper, emotional meaning that we can’t wait for our consumers to experience.

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