Continuing their ongoing legacy of crossovers with high-performance motor companies, PUMA have dropped the new limited edition King Platinum Porsche Turbo, which arrives in a colourway that pays homage to the history and heritage of the high-performance sports car manufacturer.

Following in the slip stream of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Ultra 1.4 (see what we did there?), PUMA unveil their latest collaboration with a high-performance motor company, and this time it’s another fellow German brand in Porsche (you'd think Germans make good cars or something). Porsche boasts a lasting legacy in the world of sports cars, and so here it’s matched up with another legend of its own field, the King. 

porsche 3-min.jpg
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The PUMA King Platinum Porsche Turbo is the latest in a line that includes crossovers with the likes of BMW, Ferrari, Ducati and Rimac. It adopts a classic black base colour on the upper, including the iconic form stripe, and it's joined by “Chrome Yellow”, which flashes through the soleplate and heel branding, where the wording “Porsche Turbo” can be located on the lateral side. It’s a colour that was first introduced on Porsche cars in the 60’s, and that has since come to stands for speed, innovation and heritage.

The heritage of the King line comes with that traditional touch as standard, while also boasting a reengineered upper. It features KINGForm technology: a rib structure that fuses to the super-soft leather upper in key contact areas to deliver superior touch and increased responsiveness. The King Platinum also combines an aggressive MoveKontrol Plate outsole for optimized traction and a brand-new, specially crafted KomfortSystem for next-level comfort with super-soft anatomical padding and a knitted tongue for a natural snug fit.

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