Offering up an entirely new look for its revamped classic, PUMA launch the King Platinum in a “Luminous Blue/Puma White” colourway, which stands it out from the previous and more traditional black looks that the silo has enjoyed to date and tying it loosely to the recent 'Flash Pack'.

The PUMA King is one of those classic boots that transcends time. Its ability to adapt and its sheer heritage in the game, built up over the course of more than half a century, will always see it find a relevant space. Its most recent incarnation, the King Platinum, which initially launched in June of this year, is an example of that. That was followed up by a more limited release of the King Platinum RL, specially made for Romelu Lukaku, and now we get the latest update, adding some vibrant colouring on what has otherwise been a monochrome silo to date.

puma 8-min.jpg
puma 7-min.jpg

The colour that PUMA have opted for sees a “Luminous Blue” upper joined by “Puma White”, which borders the famous Formstripe, running down to the pure white of the soleplate. It’s certainly a bold new look, and one that’s hard to miss. It’s a look that ties it in with the recent 'Flash Pack', which saw the Future 5.1 splashed in a similar shade.

From a performance perspective, the King Platinum updated the iconic silo by adopting the latest in football performance technology, while still maintaining the classic aesthetic that has been loved for generations. The smooth, premium K-Leather upper – a trademark of the silo and an integral part of the King’s DNA – remains, but it’s on the upper that we see one of the first examples of how it’s been adapted and enhanced, with a 3D ‘touch’ texture being introduced for added control. The overall fit of the boot has also been improved through the introduction of a snug fitting – and very modern looking – knitted tongue. No requirement for the classic fold-over here. 

puma 5-min.jpg

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