Maintaining all the DNA that has made it the Swoosh’s longest serving silo, and yet driving forward with a progressive new design, Nike launch the Tiempo Legend 9. It may be an upgrade that’s long overdue, but first impressions suggest it’s been well worth the wait…

It’s been just over two years to the day since the launch of the Tiempo Legend 8, but now we finally get a look at its successor, as Nike lift the veil on the Tiempo Legend 9 – and early indications are that it doesn’t disappoint. Not forgetting the soul of the boot, and what has gifted the line such longevity – namely comfort and control in abundance – this is also a supremely progressive design, typified by the fact it is the lightest Tiempo to date.

tiempo 7-min.jpg
tiempo 8-min.jpg

So this one has been expected for a while now, and the hype has been stoked since March, with the prototype having been spotted on training grounds across Europe since March. But now the details that were previously shrouded by that blackout look are out of the bag. So how has Nike made it the lightest ever? Well that’s thanks mainly to a redesigned soleplate and refined upper, taking the weight from the Tiempo 8’s 228g (Size 9) down to 207g.

That upper abandons the diamond shape design in the vamp of its predecessor, and it features raised textures backed by soft foam pods in key areas where foot connects with ball, allowing for for precise dribbling, passing, and shooting. Brings back proper CTR vibes, and that’s all good by us. But don’t worry – as mentioned previously, the Tiempo 9 doesn’t abandon the legacy of its previous eight generations, and so the upper is still constructed from premium K-leather.

tiempo 5-min.jpg
tiempo 4-min.jpg

The soleplate has been optimised for strength and traction, backing up the lightweight nature of the game and ensuring it’s quick enough to keep up with the modern game. And that’s exemplified by the list of players that have been integral in the development of the boot – players like Phil Foden, Joshua Kimmich, Lucy Bronze, and Rose Lavelle. This ain’t just a defenders boot anymore; this is a new Tiempo for a new generation.

tiempo 9-min.jpg
tiempo 6-min.jpg

The Nike Tiempo Legend 9 will be available at from 12 July.