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Nike Launch The 'Black x Prism' Pack

Getting into gear for the year, Nike launch the ‘Black x Prism pack’, their first of 2021. It sees the Phantom GT and Tiempo Legend VIII paired up in black base coats with fitting flashes of colour popping through the uppers.

Nike’s attention has firmly been on the Mercurial so far this year, first with the ‘Chosen 2’ Mercurial  Superfly for Mbappé, followed up by the reveal of the new next generation Mercurial Vapor XIV and Superfly VIII ‘Dragonfly’. But now the Swoosh give their other two silos some of the spotlight, dressing the Phantom GT and Tiempo Legend VIII in darkness, albeit with some standout flashes of colour, in line with the collective pack name of ‘Black x Prism’.

prism 3-min.jpg
prism 4-min.jpg

Our eyes can see many colours of visible light, and despite its white appearance, sunlight is a mixture of many colours together. A prism can be used to see all of the colours separately, because the different colours of light travel at different speeds inside… but enough of the science lesson, you get the idea. And it’s that idea of separated colours that forms the basis of the ‘Black x Prism’ pack.

Both the Phantom GT – in regular and Dynamic Fit collar variations – and the Tiempo Legend VIII are given a black base, which puts full attention on the spectrum of colours that flash through the Swoosh on each silo, transitioning through blue to yellow on the Phantom and blue to red on the Tiempo. It’s a subtle touch that’s sure to be popular on grassroots pitches, as and when football returns.

prism 5-min.jpg
prism 14-min.jpg

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Daniel Jones

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