The new year is set to bring with it a new generation of Nike Mercurial, and as we prepare to say goodbye to the Superfly VII and Vapor XIII it seems the perfect time to look back on 12 months of Mercurial magic, as we rank all 17 releases of 2020.

The next generation of the iconic Mercurial line is set to be with us in early 2021, with numerous pros having been seen trialling the blacked out prototype, including Jadon Sancho, who unconventionally opted to wear what will be the Superfly VIII in an actual match back in October. From what we’ve seen it certainly seems like we’re in for something along the lines of the Air Zoom Mercurial, unveiled back in February. But what this means is that the current Vapor XIII and Superfly VII are reaching the end of their tenure, and with that in mind we’re taking the opportunity to look back on and rank all 17 launches from 2020. From signatures to special editions and along with the introduction of the striking lightning Swoosh, it’s been quite the year for Nike’s marquee silo…

mercurial 17-min.jpg

17. Kinetic Black Pack

Who doesn't like a blackout boot? Launching as an alternative to the 'Future Lab' pack in January, the purple shimmer of the 'Kinetic Black' pack gave the effect of oil, and it’s a look that was even more effective through the Mercurial’s Flyknit upper, with the outlined and cropped Swoosh again taking on a shine to give it definition in the darkness. Just not quite different enough to the 'Under the Radar' release from 2019 for us though.

mercurial 9-min.jpg

16. Neymar Jr. Mercurial Vapor 'Jogo Prismático'

Neymar's last signature edition with the Swoosh had a delayed start to life due to injury of its eponymous star and then the cancellation of football and specifically Ligue 1, meaning that despite its launch in April, the Brazilian wasn't able to show them off personally until June. A bright, multi-coloured blast of pure expression that encapsulated everything the PSG flair man is about on the pitch, but not his finest Nike signature in our opinion.

mercurial 14-min.jpg

15. Dream Speed 2

Available in both Vapor and Superfly, the follow up to 2019's Dream Speed series delivered a juicy slice of summery vibes upon its launch in February. Vibrant and full of references to speed within its design, just not quite up to the standard set by the Dream Speed 1.

mercurial 15-min.jpg

14. Future Lab Pack

Nike's first on-pitch pack of the year landed in January and it was off to a strong start for the Swoosh, with the Mercurial Superfly and corresponding Vapor adopting a strong "Laser Crimson" base, while the outline of the Swoosh came in black. A slight change up in aesthetic saw a departure from the familiar 'Mercurial' print on the lower heel area, instead replaced by a gradient design along with a silver Mercurial stamp of approval.

mercurial 2-min.jpg

13. Daybreak Pack

The 'Daybreak Pack' saw Nike reverting to a three silo setup for the first time in 10 years, but it didn't affect the placing of the stalwart Mercurial. Turning on the summer style for August, Nike wrapped the Superfly and Vapor in a new “Laser Orange/Black/White” colourway, and it featured an updated visual design with the recently introduced lightning bolt Swoosh taking up its prominent lateral side position for the first time.

mercurial 11-min.jpg

12. Wavelength Pack

A sneaky little disruptive launch in February that paired the Mercurial Vapor and Superfly up with the Phantom VSN II, the 'Wavelength' pack saw a blend of low-key-meets-style, with the black bases met with a juxtaposition of blue soleplates, swooshes and branding. A definite crowd-pleasing vibe.

mercurial 16-min.jpg

11. Neighbourhood Pack

Originally planned to be Nike's setup for Euro 2020, the 'Neighbourhood Pack' saw the debut of the lightning Swoosh – that disjointed take on the standard Nike logo, that became such a main feature on the Mercurial for the rest of the year. But here, the modernised take with its more aggressive aesthetic, was restricted to a supporting role while the main feature was the zip codes highlighting key neighbourhood football hotbeds in Europe and South America.

mercurial 8-min.jpg

10. Future Lab II

Following on from the first collection that launched in January, the 'Future Lab II' pack featured the Mercurial Superfly and Vapor landing in "White/Laser Crimson/Black", a fresh look in contrast to the bold aesthetics of the 'Future Lab I'. Clean white base with bold red accents and that black graphic on the heel? Screams speed.

mercurial 6-min.jpg

9. Tech Craft Vapor XIII

All attention on the white outline of that oversized lightning Swoosh, flashing down the black leather base. The 2020 Tech Craft pack features designs that pay homage to the original Nike Tiempo from the 1994 World Cup, but the Mercurial – only available in Vapor – simply stole the show.

mercurial 4-min.jpg

8. Jadon Sancho Mercurial Superfly VII SE11

At just 20 years old, Jadon Sancho became Nike's youngest recipient of a signature edition boot with the SE11 Mercurial Superfly VII in August. The design was big and bold and it packed in an abundance of references to South East London and the cultural influences that the young England man grew up with.

mercueial 1-min.jpg

7. Flash Crimson Pack

For the Vapor and Superfly, the 'Flash Crimson' pack was a chance to show off that lightning Swoosh in all its glory, with very little else in the way of distractions – it's big, it's bold, and it flashed down the lateral side of the boot on that crisp white background. Striking seems the appropriate description here.

mercurial 3-min.jpg

6. "Black/Chile Red"

Dropping in August as an understated option to the bright and bold that dominated the summer, this alternate look embraced an always pleasing red-on-black colourway. A pack that was not represented on pitch, this one could've been easily missed, and like the 'Wavelength' Mercurial before it, it kept things deliciously simple, with the lightning Swoosh again taking centre stage.

mercurial 5-min.jpg

5. Mbappé Rosa

Kylian Mbappé's second signature edition style dropped in August, and it took influence from the 2008 Mercurial Vapor Rosa, a boot that Mbappé coveted as a youngster. The updated version saw a similar pink wrap to the original joined by a white lightning Swoosh, bordered in silver and leading to the toe. A chrome plate and details in the skin of the upper, including a 'KM' logo and Mercurial branding, completed the updated look.

mercurial 7-min.jpg

4. Dream Speed 003

Inspired by the pure speed of the game, Nike launched the third drop from their Mercurial 'Dream Speed' series in October, with a design packed with graphic elements that characterise quickness. Unlike the last to instalments in the franchise which were reserved for Ronaldo, Mbappé and Kerr, the Dream Speed 3 was worn by a host of youngsters, signalling the shape of Nike's up and coming roster.

mercurial 13-min.jpg

3. South Korea Mercurial

Following Nigeria, Nike selected South Korea as it's next canvas for creativity, and as part of its wider release, we got this beauty. The South Korea Mercurial – available in both Superfly and Vapor editions – took the white tiger graphic from the nation's new away kit and ran with it, giving us one of the best looking boots of the year. Only down side? They were a Nike exclusive and were initially only available in South Korea, making them pretty tricky to get hold of.

merc 12-min.jpg

2. Mercurial Superfly and Vapor CR7 'Safari'

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Cristiano Ronaldo’s first signature edition boot, the Safari Print Mercurial Vapor Superfly II, Nike unveiled the Mercurial Superfly CR7 Safari in June, bringing the iconic look back into the game for another dose of CR7 signature style. An iconic look executed to perfection.

mercurial 10-min.jpg

1. Mercurial Vapor Future 'DNA' Edition

And so we get to our no.1. Bringing equal levels of nostalgia and awe, the Mercurial Vapor XIII got the ‘Future DNA’ treatment back in March, in which current performance boots paid homage to classic designs, with Nike wrapping it in the OG Superfly “Max Orange/Metallic Silver” colourway from 2009, bringing back glorious memories of prime Cristiano Ronaldo. Special editions don't get much better.

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