PUMA dive into the special edition realm in company with creative collective KidSuper, presenting a football collection helmed by a new rendition of the iconic King. The King Super, along with the wider collection, is inspired by PUMA’s football heritage and KidSuper founder Colm Dillane’s past football career in Brazil.

PUMA and KidSuper have been having a blast over the last year or so, and what started out as a bit of fun has quickly developed into a full-blown collaboration that has produced a football-inspired clothing collection and prior to that, two interpretations of the iconic King. The latter was a pet project, created in conjunction with, and for, Hector Bellerin, but now it has become more than that with an official release. The release also sees a turf trainer and further PUMA x KidSuper football apparel.

kidsuper 12-min.jpg

Bellerin was a PUMA man for several years prior to freeing himself from the confines of any contract, but as a result his ties with the brand remain strong. Colm Dillane, founder of KidSuper, is a self-professed football fanatic, so the combination of the three entities was always going to be a fun-fuelled blast that combined the love, passion and team chemistry of football with the uniqueness, innovation and energy of the art world. 

The PUMA King Super combines world class performance with KidSuper’s unique and fresh style. The white King Super boot features Colm’s iconic dove on the upper as a tribute to the origins of Colm’s name. The KidSuper superhero emblem is placed on the heel and the Love = Football logo can be found on the inside of the boot.  The address of the KidSuper store in New York is placed on the heel of the boot and the iconic PUMA KING tongue features a vibrant yellow and blue re-fresh. Having been seen training in it earlier in the year, Hector Bellerin is now set to wear the boot in the Premier League this coming weekend.

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Colm Dillane, KidSuper founder said: “The collection is a dream come true, from having my own football boots to building a KidSuper football pitch. I have so much love and passion for football and PUMA has historically worked with the best footballers of all time. PUMA really allowed me to be creative, I wasn’t just changing colors, I was allowed to create my own products. I haven’t seen so much originality in a collaboration yet.

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