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KidSuper Creates Custom One-Of-One Jacket For Jack Grealish

During a whistle stop tour of the Etihad, courtesy of PUMA, KidSuper founder, Colm Dillane bestowed upon Jack Grealish a special one-of-one varsity jacket celebrating Manchester City’s treble, and inspired by Grealish’s iconic bus top pose.

Colm Dillane, better know as the founder of streetwear brand and creative studio, KidSuper, has a strong working partnership with PUMA, having produced several collaborative collections together over the years, including a special edition King Super. So it’s no surprise that when Dillane ventures over to European shores, he gets the red carpet treatment somewhat. On his latest excursion, that came in the form of a special tour of the Etihad, where he was able to meet up with Jack Grealish and bestow upon the City attacker a very special, bespoke gift.

The gift in question was a custom KidSuper x PUMA varsity jacket, presented in City’s sky blue, of course. It featured dual branding on the front right, along with stylised writing on the left chest that read “Super Jack”, an obvious reference to Grealish himself, but also possibly a subtle nod to the jacket itself (KidSUPER JACKet). But the real talking point comes on the back of the jacket, where the now iconic image of Grealish – semi clothed and half cut, standing atop the victory parade bus, arms outstretched as he absorbs not only the moment, but also the adulation of the thousands of fans present – takes up residence, along with the words “Have You Ever Won A Treble?” riding above. 

In exchange, Grealish gave Dillane a match-worn jersey, which he signed for the designer.

kidsuper 4-min.jpg
kidsuper 3-min.jpg
kidsuper 5-min.jpg
kidsuper 2-min.jpg

Sadly, looks like the KidSuper x PUMA jacket is only a one-of-one.

Daniel Jones

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