Set up with a refreshed look for the beginning of the new season, Umbro launch the Velocita V in a “Black/White/Blue” colourway that corresponds and complements the recently released ‘Tocco’ boot.

While it appears that Umbro have had a bit of a shake up in their stable with the launch of the all-new Tocco, the Velocita remains in place and takes up a supporting role for the release, dressing out in a corresponding colourway of “Black/White/Blue”, giving it a classic, understated look that’s sure to be favoured on grassroots pitches.

umbro velocita 21 blue black header_0001__DSC3508.jpg

Now on to its fifth edition, the Velocita is still a lightweight boot designed for effortless agility, aggressive change of pace, and streamlined multi-directional speed. To achieve this, the Velocita boasts an auxetic memory flex upper, which gives it that unique textured look, and its ultimate purpose is to meet the demands of dynamic movement. For sudden sprints, the upper responds with maximum flexibility and finesse, while for the duration of the game, its comfort shines through on every step. The boot responds to your stride cadence and moves with your foot, no matter how fast you go.

For those who like the modern innovations, the Velocita Elite offers a laceless upper with a larger strike zone, whilst the Pro version caters for those who love the lace, providing a more secured, locked-down feel.

umbro velocita 21 blue black header_0009__DSC3535.jpg

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