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Nike Launch The SE11 Sancho Collection

Fresh off of a breakthrough season in which he ripped up the Bundesliga with Dortmund, Nike has launched the first signature footwear and apparel collection for Jadon Sancho, inspired by the streets of South East London and the cultural influences that the young England man grew up with.

Not dished out to just any old player, a signature edition is the ultimate seal of approval; a marker of your status in the game, and there aren’t many that can lay claim to having that honour bestowed upon them at the tender age of 20. Kylian Mbappe just missed out, as did Brazilian Ronaldo. And so Jadon Sancho becomes the youngest star to join that illustrious group, as Nike honour him with his own collection, inspired by streets of South East London where his ability was forged.

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Jadon Sancho’s star just hasn’t stopped rising of late, and amongst wild rumours of a massive return to the Premier League, this new collection, like Mbappe's, takes it all back to where things began for the young baller, specifically Kennington, London. The SE11 Sancho Collection is a celebration of Jadon’s connection to his hometown, and from start to finish he was heavily involved in its design and bringing it to life. “It’s crazy to have my own collection with Nike, it truly is a dream come true,” he said. “This isn’t just for me, it’s for all the ballers across London who were told they’d never make it. Every time I step out onto the pitch, I represent them all. It’s a privilege and an honour to have the kids of London on my back and release a collection that they all can relate to”. 

Cultural references are found aplenty in the design; ‘MEGZ’ is embossed on the side of the boot, a trademark of Sancho’s style, while underneath is the ‘NO BALL GAMES’ sign that is so familiar across many estates not just in London, but across the whole UK, representing the first physical barrier standing in the way of any young hopeful. 

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Further details include the words ‘Sancho Sauce’ and ‘Vibez’ written repeatedly across the boot. “Football is just a vibe, it gives you a feeling like no other and no matter how old you are, it never leaves you,” Sancho explained. “The sauce is something you’re born with, you either have it or you don’t. I’d use it to describe the way I play, the sauce spills all over the pitch. 

On the laces the words ‘Blue Park’ are carefully inscribed, and these are what Jadon and his friends called the small concrete pitches across Kennington. Finally, the ’#SE11 4 J@DON’ is written on the tongue, capping off the vibrant design. It’s symbolic of Jadon’s connection with the area and representative of the fact that even though he’s lighting it up on the global stage, he’ll never forget those in his area who made him the player he is today.

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Shop the Nike x Jadon Sancho SE11 collection at from Monday 24 August.

Daniel Jones

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