There's little competition on the sneaker scene that can rival the generation spanning presence the Nike Air Force 1 has had. In bringing together Leah Williamson, Jadon Sancho, AJ Tracey and Little Simz, Nike has got their take on what this influential shoe means to them.

Since '82, the Air Force 1 has been a constant force that has held true. Regardless of the swell trends in fashion, it's a sneaker that has stood strong. Now adopted across an entire plethora of subcultures, it's a shoe that has taken a life of its own and one that thrives in football. The Air Force 1 has heritage across the United States, though the cultural influence across many other cities is less documented. London however is a place the Air Force 1 can call home as much as anywhere else. Heading into the city, Nike brought together four people they feel reflects what the shoe embodies.

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Arsenal player Leah Williamson was Air Force 1 from day dot, "My younger brother and I always used to have matching Air Force picked by our mum. He was just a toddler then so people must have thought we were a fashionable family. Trainers are a huge part of the London lifestyle. The urban roots of the Air Force have been merged with the culture of fashion in the city — it's the style capital! That inch of a sole gives you a platform to stamp your ground and be accounted for. It’s not to be worn without a bit of attitude and confidence — certainly not something London is lacking. For me, it's the ultimate shoe. Today, my style is all about layering up with oversized or netted tops with flashes of color underneath and high-waist jeans or track bottoms. Those crisp whites give my look the classic status and sense of '90s nostalgia."

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Jason Sancho, a player who grabbed headlines as an England under-17 starlet, was snapped up by Borussia Dortmund over the summer. A player who is embracing the biggest stage, he's a next generation trailblazer who brings a strong look. Born and raised in London, he knows the game and the scene that surrounded him, "Growing up in London, everyone had a pair of Air Force, from the most fashionable person to the least. If there were a London starter pack, you'd have Air Force in them."

Sancho also took to Instagram recently to show off his personalised Air Force 1 that celebrate the England Under-17s World Cup winning performance:

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Crossing fashion with football, music with lifestyle, Nike have also worked with AJ Tracey and Little Simz on setting the London story. Little Simz, explains her relationship with the shoe, "My first Air Force 1 pair was white with a red sole. I'll never forget how much I loved those trainers; I used to wear them everywhere! Still, I’ve always been a fan of the classic whites. I'd usually wear them with a tracksuit. Nice and simple."

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For AJ Tracey, his support for the game runs up the sleeve. Giving a resounding nod to his roots, the rapper details the difference that lives in the Air Force 1, "In London, this is how highly people regard the Air Force 1: You could be going somewhere nice — to the club, for example — and wear a nice shirt, smart trousers and then instead of formal shoes, you would wear a pair of fresh pair of Air Force 1."

"I’ve grown up in the Air Force 1. It is just the best silhouette. You can see that other trainer designs have since tried to copy the style — but it’s an original, and will always be the cleanest. London influences the way that I dress a lot. My style is a cross between utility streetwear with high-fashion and designer. A lot of people have the misconception that style is about money or owning the newest drop but it’s not. Style is about making whatever you wear your own."

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