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PUMA Launch The King Platinum

Easily one of the most iconic boots of all-time, the PUMA King makes a dramatic return to the pitch, revamped and retooled for the modern game. What we’re looking at here is the PUMA King Platinum, a proper boot for proper players, and no mistake.

Originally debuting on pitches in 1968, the King was subsequently seen on the feet of some of the greatest players off all-time, including Pele, Maradona, Eusebio and Cruyff, creating a legacy that is virtually unmatched. But one of the things that really stands the King out is its longevity and ability to adapt with the game, and the PUMA King Platinum is a case in point. Re-engineered with input from Thierry Henry, the classic is set for another generation.


Updating the original King design, the Platinum applies the latest in football performance technology, while still maintaining the classic aesthetic that has been loved for generations. The smooth, premium K-Leather upper – a trademark of the silo and an integral part of the King’s DNA – remains, but it’s here that we see one of the first examples of how it’s been adapted and enhanced, with a 3D ‘touch’ texture being introduced for added control. The overall fit of the boot has been improved by a snug fitting – and very modern looking – knitted tongue. No sign of the classic fold-over here. 

PUMA have combined the slim and sleek silhouette – which sees a completely black upper, including Formstripe for a classy finish – with the super-lightweight ‘RAPIDSPRINT’ soleplate, which itself adopts the colour from which the boot takes its name, to make the Platinum the fastest, lightest King ever. The word ‘King’ then sits in white on the top of the tongue for the simplest of executions that leaves no doubt about what it is you’re looking at. Long live the King, baby.


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Daniel Jones

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