Prior to its release, Nike kept the Tiempo Legend 8 quite literally under wraps, with a distorted ‘Tiempo’ wording wrapped around the new silo to keep from revealing any of the finer details of the next-gen boot. But now, Nike have dropped it on the market and titled it “Dazzle Camo”.

From a distance, the newly released “Dazzle Camo” Tiempo Legend 8 from Nike looks like nothing more than a black and white design. But like those 3-D eye puzzles, stare long enough and you start to see something hidden within, specifically the word "Tiempo" distorted across the entire boot. Then, when you get the boot in hand and look closely, you actually see other colours popping throughout, and it’s these colours that give it the distorted, blurred effect when viewed from further away. The Tiempo is often associated with a classic aesthetic, not this one. It's trippy, intriguing, and there's only 888 pairs released (each individually numbered on the heel) as Nike turn up their limited edition game.

Why 888? 8th generation boot, on the 8th day of the 8th month. Tidy.


The release of this boot is obviously not the first time we’ve seen the “Dazzle Camo” Tiempo, with players such as Virgil Van Dijk, Joe Gomez, Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique all spotted testing them out in. the months leading up to the Tiempo Legend 8's release. Following its double debut in the “Under the Radar” and “Nouveau” editions, either demand for the secretive wrapped look has been such that Nike has chosen to release it in its own right, or it was always part of the release strategy. Either way, it’s another strong addition to the Tiempo Legend 8 lineup, and your head hurts.


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