The Predator exists as one of the most iconic football boots of all time, evolving over time and adapting with the game. But the demand for an OG feel never seems to go away, and so to satisfy that demand and to appeal to the purists out there, adidas launch the stunning Predator 19.1 Leather.

Late last year adidas released the Predator 18.1 Leather Collection which saw three of their colourways given the leather treatment. Demand was huge, with traditionalists keen to snag blast of nostalgia infused with modern styling. So how do you better that? You release a more seamless leather edition coated in the darkest of blackout wraps taken from the recent Dark Script Pack. This is the Predator 19.1 in premium K-Leather, and its seducing you with its sumptuous curves isn't it?


A seductive silhouette made all the more appealing by the presence of the premium K-leather upper, the Predator goes back to basics, almost to the point where you question what it takes to make a boot a Predator. But as the Predator evolved for the modern game, some traditionalists have missed the touch and feel on the ball that leather provides. This more than satisfies that demand. 

The classic ridges are present in the forefoot, likely adding more cushioning than any additional swerve to your strike, but ensuring that there is no mistaking what this boot is. The ridges also boast an iridescent purple tinge that glimmers when caught by the light, boosting the aesthetic appeal even further. That tinge is subtly carried across to the Three Stripes that adorn the lateral side of each boot for another nice sign off.  The Primeknit is still present, complementing the leather with the stretchy Sockfit collar for superb lockdown which also boosts comfort. 


A shadowy execution with the premium touch and feel of leather, all while carrying the essential Predator DNA. Just take our money. Take all of it.

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