With the anticipation surrounding the Women’s World Cup reaching fever pitch, Nike have finally released the stunning ‘Victory Pack’ for retail. Featuring the Phantom VNM and VSN, Mercurial Vapor and Superfly, and Tiempo, the pack has been given a unique look that’s influenced by the Goddess of Victory, Nike, herself.

The Nike ‘Victory Pack’ was unveiled back at the beginning of March as part of the Women’s World Cup Innovation Event hosted by Nike in Paris, with the standout feature of the pack being the hand-sketched wing pattern of sharp geometric angles that appears on each boot. And now, with the Tournament itself just around the corner, the ‘Victory Pack’ is finally available to buy, so we took the opportunity to have a closer look at what Nike’s athletes, such as Sam Kerr and Alex Morgan, will be wearing in France this summer.

Victory 10-min.jpg
Victory 11-min.jpg

Starting with the Phantom VNM, the strikers specialist features the biggest contrast of colours, combining the ‘Armoury Blue’ that spreads across the whole pack with ‘Wolf Grey’ on the forefoot. The ‘Hyper Crimson’ is used sparingly, bordering the Swoosh for a standout effect, while the hand-sketched wing pattern features across the heel and into the mid foot.

Victory 8-min.jpg
Victory 9-min.jpg

Taking up another strong use of the contrasting colour scheme, the Phantom VSN combines the ‘Armoury Blue’ across the core of the boot with the ‘Wolf Grey’ on the synonymous control triangle on the instep. In similar fashion to the VNM, the VSN uses ‘Hyper Crimson’ on the Swoosh, while the wing pattern again features from heel into mid foot, keeping the look of both the Phantom twins close.

Victory 13-min.jpg
Victory 12-min.jpg

The Mercurial differs from the Phantom boots with both the Superfly and Vapor adopting a near complete ‘Armoury Blue’ look, interrupted only by the Hyper Crimson-bordered Swoosh. But the crimson makes another appearance, this time on the stud tips. The wing-effect is a lot more subtle in execution here, fading in with the texture of the Mercurial’s upper.

Victory 7-min.jpg
Victory 6-min.jpg

Like the Mercurial, the Tiempo Legend VII goes for only the ‘Armoury Blue’ as its main colour, but it’s broken up nicely by the wing graphic that features on the heel, far more prominent than in any of the other boots. Again, the black Swoosh stands out with a ‘Hyper Crimson’ border. As with the Mercurial, the Crimson also makes an appearance on the soleplate, flashing through the studs.

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