OK, so this one might be stretching the “No frills, no fuss” mantra that comes with the grassroots special that is the Premier 2.0, but you have to admit, Nike’s “Metallic Vivid Gold/White” colourway is something special…

The Premier 2.0 continues to be one of the best value for money boots on the market, offered in a selection of understated looks with classic aesthetics that are generally aimed to appeal to the no nonsense footballer. But it’s with this latest colourway that the boundaries of that concept are somewhat stretched. 

Based on the Air Legend Tiempo colourway from 2006 that was made famous by Ronaldinho – one of the most flamboyant players to ever play the game – the gold look for the Premier 2.0 takes the usually subtle wardrobe of the Premier and shreds it, replacing it with something that will get you noticed. Released to honour the brilliant Brazilian’s birthday, it's a far departure from what you might expect of the silo, and we like it. Understated subtlety has its place, but sometimes you just want to show off some bling.

Premier FI-min.jpg

It’s not the first time that Nike have honoured the brilliant Brazilian on his birthday with a new look for the Premier 2.0 though; last year saw the “White/Metallic Gold” look that paid homage to the R10 “Touch of Gold”, but even that was predominantly white with gold accents for a slightly more modest look. This latest release, which inverts that colour for a far bolder approach, is just balls out. You've gotta rate yourself a bit to wear these, haven't you?

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