The Premier 2.0 pulls on its winter jacket for the second half of the season with the new “White/Red” release, which is geared up for action with a soft ground Anti-Clog soleplate.

Dropping after the firm ground “Triple Red” release, the pair complement one another nicely, covering you for all eventualities for the rest of the season for under £200. Can’t argue with that. The only thing we can argue with is that the SG Anti-Clog soleplate still only comes in the jarring black, sticking out like a sore thumb on the otherwise crisp look of the boot. You can’t help but think that the “White/Red” would look that much better riding on a similar red soleplate to the “Triple Red”; surely it's only a matter of time before Nike introduce some colour into their innovative tech.


Nike's Anti-Clog technology is genuinely one of the most innovative breakthroughs in football boot design. It's a solution to a genuine problem and one that works almost perfectly every time. More and more professional players are moving across to Anti-Clog, and as Nike develop the tech with new colours and reduced weight it will no doubt become a mainstay for all SG boots. It quite simply makes sense. 

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