The latest Nemeziz 18+ drops as part of the aptly named "Cold Mode" pack from adidas, in which the leading three silos come equipped with PrimaLoft insulating technology to keep your feet warm and dry.

Now when the words ‘warm’ and ‘dry’ are combined with the word ‘boot’ you'd be forgiven for instantly thinking abut something to put on to take the dog for a walk. But, this here is on-pitch innovation to eliminate that chilling feeling of early onset frostbite in your toes through winter. No more needing to double or triple up on the sock front, you can now feel your feet and the ball.


The Three Stripes have tackled this problem head on, and the "Cold Mode" Nemeziz 18+ comes boasting these qualities and more, still offering the same cutting agility that they are renowned for. You’ve also still got the choice between laceless and laces with the availability of the 18.1, but other than the inclusion of the PrimaLoft technology, everything else remains the same.


All this and they still look as sleek as ever, finished in a unique "Maroon/Legend Ink/Collegiate Burgundy" colourway. It's an unorthodoxly low-key colourway for a boot but, combined with the great looking cracked-effect soleplate it all works pretty nicely.


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