Everyone should know by now that the Nike Premier 2.0, with its classic aesthetic and modern performance mix, is for the no-nonsense footballers of this world. And the latest “Black/Racer Blue” variant falls right in line with that ethos, bringing a hefty amount of class and combining it with a look that’s sure to appeal to any proper player.

Still boasting the K-leather vamp that offers that deft touch on the ball, the Premier 2.0 once again veers back into that dangerous territory of looking just so damned good that you may not want to play in it. But don’t be fooled – it’s ready to perform on any pitch.

Nike Premier II Black Racer Blue 2-min.jpg

In a nice nod to the past, the Premier 2.0 has been given the tongue silhouette that has featured on such classic boots as the Air Zoom Legend II, the Ronaldinho Touch of Gold and Totti boots, while the new stitching pattern on the vamp along with the large block heel branding has been inspired by the now legendary 1994 Tiempo Premier.

Black and blue always go well together (unless you’ve been beaten that way, of course) and here it creates another iconic look for the Premier 2.0 – one that is sure to be as popular with the players as it is with boot aficionados. You’d be hard pushed to get a better looking – and performing – boot for the £90 you’d have to part with to get a pair.

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