Ridgeway Rovers is where it all began for Harry Kane, so it's only right Nike enlisted a future prospect in Ridgeway Rovers starlet and top goal scorer Aidan Waugh to handover his pair of special edition Hypervenom III "Gold" boots at St. George's Park.

Aidan Waugh is perhaps a name to remember. Currently playing for the same team where it all started for Harry Kane (Ridgeway Rovers), he also goes to the same school where the England captain attended. What's more, his game on the pitch has earmarked him as a prospect proving pretty deadly in front of goal. Now just eight-years-old, he has amassed a huge 144 goals in his first 2 seasons at the club.

The event was kept a complete surprise from Aidan, who was led to believe that his once in a lifetime moment of watching the England team train behind closed doors was the pinnacle of a days outing at St. George's Park. Little did he know, Nike had been working along side Ridgeway Rovers for this young striker to meet the England captain as part of his day and hand over Kane's special edition Hypervenom Phantom boots.

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Presented to Kane in celebration of his Golden Boot win at Russia 2018, the special edition Hypervenom Phantom III boots have been tailored to mark the England captain's goal scoring achievements at the World Cup. The details include a tonal St George's flag which is paired alongside the England National Team badge. On the insole of the boot are the words 'Lane, Lion, Leader'. The alliterated phrase is symbolic of the growth of Kane. Starting at Ridgeway Rovers, his game began in raw surroundings and has risen to the top of the world stage. He also has the name of his children printed on the boots which will be worn on pitch as England take on Spain at Wembley this weekend.

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Watch Harry Kane give Aidan Waugh a full tour of St. George's Park on SoccerBible IGTV here.