Turning the lights off before shutting the door on the 2016/17 season PUMA drop one last evoPOWER Vigor 1 colourway in understated style. Black meets yellow to create a low key edition of the new-generation boot.

After experimenting with "Ultra Yellow" and "Green Gecko" launch colourways PUMA have taken a more traditional direction with their latest package of power by throwing down shades of "Safety Yellow" on a black backdrop. Only the second predominantly black design shows the evoPOWER Vigor 1 in a new light and undoubtably opens up the silo to players who were previously reluctant to adopt the vibrant display.

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Tech wise there's no changes from the boot we described as "the most complete shooting football boot yet in its most packaged form" when we put it through our 'Laced Up Review' upon launch. The "Black/Yellow" PUMA evoPOWER Vigor 1 won't demand any on-pitch time when it comes the brand's squad of players, so don't expect to see Olivier Giroud, Mario Balotelli and Marc Bartra in this drop (although it would look bang on with the Dortmund kit), they'll be slipping into something new and likely brighter come pre-season.

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