PUMA throw out more summer vibes with a second colour update on their new-generation evoSPEED Fresh 2.0 silo. "Safety Yellow" meets "Danube Blue" for a sun and sea feel on a unique concept aimed at football in rising temperatures.

What PUMA have created is basically an air-conditioned evoSPEED. The upper is re-engineered with a mesh upper to allow heat to escape, thus creating an intriguing option for pre-season and allowing us to use the word 'thus'. The modified upper sits on top of the same evoSPEED SL soleplate but due to its mesh upper actually weighs in at a tad lighter than the standard evoSPEED. Not that you'll notice. Light is light when you're talking sub 150g.

Some description

PUMA kicked off their evoSPEED Fresh line last year to play a part in attacking fatigue caused by playing in hotter conditions. If you're playing in England, that's anything hotter than 8 degrees. Although these ain't gonna much use when it comes to winter, but that's not what they're for. Hot weather, cooler feet. Makes sense to us. Tidy gradient colourway too. We're on board. 

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