PUMA are pushing hard into 2019 with a rapid recruitment drive and a next-generation of football boots which epitomise the brand's unique concept. Concepts that ensure that they share the top shelf with adidas and Nike rather than reaching for it.

There has previously been a lot of talk of PUMA standing in their own category when it comes to the football boots market. One that sits below the stripes and swooshes but above the rest of the chasing pack; but as things have progressed that line has turned into somewhat of a lazy stereotype. PUMA product not only offers something of equal quality, but something genuinely different. No better example of this than the latest ONE 19.1 – a boot we've been putting through its paces in recent weeks.


Some brands are guilty of trying to replicate a version of a Nike or an adidas boot but PUMA are not that, they write their own stories. The ONE 19.1 is proof of that – PUMA have looked at the speed boot market and offered an alternative, not a replica.

When the ONE series was launched PUMA talked about delivering a boot that was an all-rounder, a boot fit for every position, for every player, whilst being lightweight and comfortable. With the modern technology now available why should boots have to be just fast, just comfortable, or just have control elements? Why can't they do all of those things? That's what PUMA asked and answered with the ONE series, and the 19.1 edition is most recent result of that concept.


Fresh out of the box the PUMA ONE 19.1 feels like a finished version of the previous generation. It makes the previous boot worn at the 2018 World Cup feel like a bit of a prototype. The k-leather vamp at the front of the boot is super soft with zero stitching, so it avoids the bulkiness and keeps the silhouette as streamline as a synthetic boot. 

The detailing is premium, and while the embossed form-stripe and wavy graphics are purely aesthetic, it adds to the impact of getting your hands on them for the first time. Boots these days need to be bought a couple of days before a game so you can admire them properly before getting them caped in dirt. That colourway on the "Power Up" pack, beautifully satisfying.

In short, it looks a lot cleaner than the previous generation. The dotty design is replaced with a smoother finish and the overall design looks more modern with a popping colour combination.


Slipping them onto your feet and your heel slots satisfyingly into the heel cup to provide an immediate locked in feel. The leather on the forefoot presses snugly against the top of the toes for a molded fit, a feeling that the synthetic of the previous generation didn't particularly deliver on – it kind of felt hard and that there was a little bit of empty room between the boot and toes.

Let talk about the laces. Yeah they've still got a load of choices on how you can lace the boot up. Is that needed? Not really to be honest. You can have a play around with the lace holes but it really doesn't make that much difference. The only thing we would say about the laces, as with most other collared football boots is that it's difficult to tuck your laces into the boots once they're tied. We've found ourselves cutting the laces to minimum length, singeing the ends and then tying them up without any excess length.

We'll save a word for the pull tabs too; even those look and feel quality plus they help the boots slip on and lock in much easier than other collared boots do.


The collar is different to most other mid-cut boots in that the collar is always the same width. On most mid-cut boots the collar hole is small and expands and stretches when the foot goes in – the ONE 19.1 doesn't do that. It stays the same size and just sits around the ankle rather than giving you any tightened feel around the ankle. That's actually a trait that may lure players in; players who aren't that keen on the 'restriction' that collared boots could make you feel.

When you start running in the ONE 19.1 it quickly becomes a boot that feels like a speed boot with comfort. There's no cramped, over-tight squeeze associated with speed boots, and the ONE 19.1 proves that speed boots don't need to sacrifice comfort any more. Light is light; sacrificing an extra 20g for reduced comfort is bad maths. That will not make any difference. No longer is the market a weigh-in competition.

There's a skill in making a speed boot that isn't completely stripped down to the bare bones, and PUMA have almost redefined what a speed boot is with the ONE 19.1.


A few basics to tick off is that the ONE 19.1 is perfectly true to size. Easy. PUMA do mention that the FG is also one that can be worn on artificial surfaces, but we'd actually disagree with that. The studs are a little bit too long for us, and we'd rather wear a proper AG plate.

The conical studs don't scream speed on the soleplate, but again this is a new-generation of speed boots, and one that's criminally underrated. If every player in every position could only wear one boot, this would be the one they all agree on. The leather upper softens up quickly with each wear and striking the ball with power is immensely satisfying. As is receiving the ball or hitting a pass. The boot just has that bit of extra cushioning to prevent the ball pinging away from you on your first touch.

The ONE 19.1 looks bigger than most speed boots. The Mercurial and X series are far more streamline, yes. But inside it it offs a comfortably tight, locked in fit with no excess space. It just has a bit of thicker body kit on the outside. The ONE 19.1 is more of a very lightweight control boot than it is out and out sprinters shoe, and that makes total sense to us.

The evoSPEED series were all about trimming weight and sacrificing comfort. The ONE series was needed as a re-start, a back to the drawing board theory, and PUMA are reaping the rewards from that decision.


In summary the ONE 19.1 is a subtle upgrade on the previous generation. It is better, yeah, but don't go replacing your old ones, wait until your ONE 1 is knackered and if you wore the previous generation, you'll like this one that bit better. If you've never worn a PUMA speed boot, you'll be surprised how it looks so different but still feels like a speed boot. Best all rounder on the market for us.


Pick up the PUMA ONE 19.1 at prodirectsoccer.com