Umbro arrive late to the hi-collared party with their own take on a silhouette that has changed the dynamic of how a football boot is perceived in recent seasons. This here is the Umbro Calibra, the brand's first step into the collared game.

Nike and adidas will argue all day about who initially came up with the hi-collared concept, but it was indeed the Swoosh who made the first official release with the Magista Obra in 2014. PUMA have weighed in with their evoTOUCH and now Umbro have given it a go with a boot that is currently only available in Brazil. It might look like a hastily put together project to be granted entry into the hi-collared club, like borrowing a pair of your dad's shoes to please the bouncer, but it's a move of intent by Umbro if nothing else.

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The Umbro Calibra is yet to hit the shelves with a price-tag but we can expect it to eclipse the Double Diamond's full boot stable if other brand's pricing strategies are anything to go by. Umbro have also yet to announce whether they'll be introducing the Calibra into the European and US markets, but what we do know is that it features a synthetic upper and a heightened collar as the brand aim to muscle in on the innovation.